The Order of Marian Apostles

The Order of Marian Apostles is a religious association of men and women whose purpose  is to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, as expressed in the Gospels, and to reach out to those who struggle with their faith or whose spiritual journey has not been all they supposed it would be.

We classify ourselves as Christian and do not belong to any denomination, for God is far too great for any one religion.

Our Lives are centred on the message of Jesus Christ and our time, effort and talent is devoted to showing ‘by way of life’ how important it is to live Christianity instead of merely believing in it.  We consider the self-righteous attitude prevalent in so many religious denominations (and, alas, in so many individuals) to be morally repugnant and in complete contradiction to the Gospels.  At the foot of the Cross there are no pariahs – however great ones sinfulness or however heavy ones burden, Jesus beckons: “Come unto me”.

Please take time in reading the information on the website and if you have any questions, or would like more information, then get in touch.