Clergy of the Order of Marian Apostles are priests and ministers who are of the opinion that more needs to be done than merely following ritual, much of which is archaic and has little or no relevance to a populace that no longer needs the sensory support of ritual to understand the significance of their faith. By placing too much emphasis on the ‘priestly nature’ of Jesus Christ, the Message He preached has been relegated to the outer boundaries of religion. The result has been that ritual (often coupled with superstition) has taken prominence in many denominations.

On the other hand, we do not consider authentic those ‘evangelical’ religions, assemblies and denominations who take literally the words of Scripture. As mentioned previously, everything in Scripture must be understood in the correct context otherwise we can-not gain a clear and concise interpretation.

Sound Theological reason must be applied to Scripture (and tradition), but, above all else, everything must be understood with reference Jesus’ teachings. Therefore, Love, Compassion and Goodwill ought to be our guides.

Our ministry does not involve the usual ‘parish’ based community that most people are familiar with. Christianity is not something to be ‘done’ or ‘attended’, rather is a way of life and is applicable to every thought, word and action. Unfortunately many people find this too daunting a concept and prefer to designate a specific time, place and method of practising the Christian Faith.

Our approach is different:

  1. We Meet Regularly to discuss our Faith and finds ways in which we make our Faith ‘come alive’. To practise the Christian Faith is the greatest act of praise we can render to God.
  2. Baptism is a very special Rite and can indeed be considered a ‘Sacrament’ in it’s truest sense. Baptism, however, should not be something that’s ‘done’ out a sense of misplaced duty or fear. Christian Baptism is a very beautiful rite by which a person makes a public statement that he/she (or his/her/their child) is willing to embrace the Message of Christ and follow in His path. Adult Baptism is always preferable because it allows an individual to make a conscious decision to become a Christian. Where a child is presented for Baptism, it is imperative that the parents undertake to bring the child up in accordance with the teachings of Christ – something that is best done through action, not words. A way of life that expresses the Love, Harmony and Understanding of Christs’ Gospel is the only way to bring others into the fold and this is especially true of ones’ own child/children. One can-not expect a child to embrace the Gospel message if he/she is reared in a situation where that very message is ignored.
  3. The Celebration of the Lord’s Supper, also known as the Eucharist, the Mass and the Holy Communion.
  4. Christian Marriage is a most beautiful way of sanctifying the union of two people. In the company of family and friends, with God most definitely present, vows are exchanged in which two people promise to give themselves, freely and wholeheartedly, to one another. We are happy to officiate at Marriages where a Christian Service is required. We make no judgement of those who may be divorced and, provided they are legally free to marry, they will not be turned away. Marriages solemnised by us will be conducted in accordance with our Rites and Ceremonies. We are registered with the General Registers Office as Solemnisers of Marriage. Please note that we do not perform ‘Civil Ceremonies’, where there is no reference to God. 
  5. Spiritual Guidance is, perhaps, our primary role. We desire that people develop an authentic spirituality that reflects their individual understanding of God. All of us, regardless of religion, must journey along our own spiritual path and we offer to make that journey with you while inviting you to journey with us.
  6. The End of Life is not something to be dreaded or feared in any way since it is the natural culmination of life.  Most people don’t  like to think of death because they consider it morbid and yet death is constantly beside us.  If we begin to view life as a journey of discovery and if we abide by the teachings of Jesus then death becomes for us the final frontier to be embraced and explored.  We are happy to stay by you as you embark upon that journey into the unknown.  One of the greatest comforts to loved ones is a celebration of life well-lived.