Note – Please Read.

Often when people are looking for information on our order they come across comments which are less than charitable about us and are often simply lies. We have no way of having such lies eradicated from the internet, so this note is to simply explain their origin. They all come from a Joseph Oliver Ryan, formerly of Ennis now living in Wicklow. When you first meet Joe, he is a charming, likeable and bright person. If you cross Joe, however, you become the target of his bile. Joe has been convicted of a serious offence in Ennis District court in the past – fact. Joe tried for the priesthood in Killaloe Roman Catholic diocese and was ultimately not allowed to pursue his training. Joe was dismissed and laicised by one of our number having been found lying in a serious matter, not once but three times. Joe was a member of our order and was finally expelled. Since then he has indulged in attacking and calumniating our members and the order itself. He owns a blog called Clerical Whispers on which he pursues his hobby of attacking anyone he doesn’t like. This ranges across countries and across church denominations, Joe doesn’t like you, he calumniates you. Clerical Whispers has a ‘cast list’ of it’s so called staff. These people are simply fiction – they don’t exist outside Joe’s mind and blog. No doubt we will be the subject of more of Joe’s nonsense when he reads our note. That’s how he behaves. We simply continue ministering and living as best we can, hopefully with God’s blessing. Thank you for reading this note.